Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Replication of the Small Business Saturday campaign in Australia

Just received the regular e-newsletter from the US Government agency Small Business Administration (SBA) regarding their immiment Small Business Saturday coming up on Saturday (obviously) 24 November.

It is an annual event held between Thanksgiving and Christmas with the purpose of encouraging Americans to shop local, in particular small retailers in high streets rather than shopping centres (or shopping malls as commonly called in north America). Over there and to a large extent here in Australia, small businesses with shop fronts are increasingly under threats from shopping centres and online retailers. This kind of campaign is necessary to re-educate new generations of shoppers that survival of small retailers can bring vitality to the community. And more importantly, creation of a lot local entry level jobs (both full time, part time and casuals).

I do think Australia should learn from it and see if that can be replicated here. By the way, its relevant Facebook page have over 3 million "likes".